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L.A. headaches hang over Garcetti’s White House ambitions

Sen. Kamala Harris, 53, isn’t the only relatively young California Democrat who’s seen as a potential fresh-faced alternative to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, 68, or former Vice President Joseph Biden, 75, for the party’s 2020 presidential nomination. Los Angeles Mayor

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CEO out, but heat still building on Wells Fargo

John Stumpf abruptly resigned Wednesday as CEO and chairman of the scandal-torn San Francisco-based banking giant Wells Fargo. But much more fallout is expected over the revelation last month that Wells Fargo had fired 5,300 employees for fraudulently signing up customers

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Sanchez-Harris race makes national waves

California’s battle between Democrats vying to replace Sen. Barbara Boxer took on national proportions at the state party’s annual convention, thanks to a heavyweight endorsement and a classic unforced misstep. Although the two did not directly trade barbs, Harris and Sanchez

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CA Democratic Convention: Women seek to “Close the Gap” in California politics

Women remain the stars of the California Democratic Party. This past weekend, Sen. Elizabeth Warren received top billing as the convention’s keynote speaker. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi earned rounds of applause from committee and caucus meetings. And, of course, the convention buzz

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CA Democratic Convention: Democrats divided on economic issues, trade pact

Sen. Elizabeth Warren staked her claim as the progressive choice for president Saturday, with a rousing speech to delegates at the California Democratic Party’s state convention. The first-term Democratic Senator from Massachusetts earned a rousing applause and standing ovation from convention delegates

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USC Poll: Voters like Brown as governor, but favor Clinton for president

A new USC Dornsife poll shows Gov. Jerry Brown is as popular as ever — but voters want to keep him in California, not send him to the White House. With the economy improving, his “California is back” message playing well and

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