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Bullet train folly inspires sci-fi-esque breakthrough?

The lead story on Drudge for part of the weekend was about SpaceX and Telsa inventor-guru-visionary Elon Musk championing Hyperloop, a new type of travel system that he claims could move people faster than the speed of sound. That may

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Calif. throws subsidy at Tesla Motors 55

Oct. 12, 2012 By Joseph Perkins Memo to Occupy San Jose: I’ve got a ripe target for you on Santana Row, playpen for the Silicon Valley wealthy. Not Gucci, Burberry, Ferragamo or the other upscale stores along the Row. But

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Space: Next California frontier 0

May 18, 2012 By Joseph Perkins The dawning of the commercial space age begins Tuesday. That’s when SpaceX is expected to launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida for a rendevous with the International Space Station — the first time a

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