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California Air Resources Board ratchets up emissions regulations

  Continuing a years-long push, the California Air Resources Board cracked down further on emissions, sharpening the debate over the scope of its plans. “The new rules, green-lighted [March 23] … seek to curb methane emissions at oil and gas production

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CA gas spikes raise hackles

California gas prices have once again jumped out to dramatic highs, setting consumers on edge and reopening old questions about who’s to blame. Some analysts, including those at GasBuddy.com, pointed a finger at foreign wholesalers, while others, such as Trilby Lundberg, said

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Anti-fracking fervor builds in CA even as it lifts U.S. economy, stature

Anti-fracking sentiment in California continues to build, and we’re likely to see a spate of local moratoriums aimed at blocking the oil-drilling process in many cities and counties. This is happening even in places not normally associated with petroleum production,

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