California Air Resources Board ratchets up emissions regulations


Continuing a years-long push, the California Air Resources Board cracked down further on emissions, sharpening the debate over the scope of its plans.

“The new rules, green-lighted [March 23] … seek to curb methane emissions at oil and gas production plants by up to 45 percent over the next nine years,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported. “The cuts will come from a combination of heightened efficiency requirements, inspection mandates and rules meant to ensure that leaks are discovered and fixed swiftly. The regulations apply to both onshore and offshore oil and gas centers.”

“The standards, which experts said mark the first major piece of environmental regulation passed by any state since the turnover of power in Washington, were hailed as a triumph by environmental activists, but criticized as cumbersome, costly and ultimately unnecessary by oil and gas producers.”

Federal fortunes

CARB’s actions took on a particular edge as political battles in Washington have concentrated around environmental standards put in place over the previous eight years. “In the works for over a year, the rulemaking comes as the Trump administration and Republican lawmakers work to unravel Obama-era measures to control emissions of the potent climate pollutant at oil and gas production sites nationwide,” according to Bloomberg BNA.

The foray into gas indicated CARB wasn’t satisfied with controlling vehicle emissions, although those make up the lion’s share of regulated pollutants. “The state’s proposal is its first attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at its onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities and natural gas storage sites and is part of broader effort, now mandated under state law, to curb emissions of short-lived climate pollutants like methane,” the site added. 

The automotive industry, working to pivot toward lower- and zero-emissions vehicles without surrendering market share in a still-robustly gas-powered economy, was instrumental to the inside-the-Beltway shift. “The CEOs of Ford, General Motors, and Fiat Chrysler moved fast to cut a quick deal with Trump to reopen a review by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation of emissions and fuel-economy standards that had been closed under President Barack Obama,” Business Insider noted. “The automakers don’t like that California effectively plays by its own environmental rules and as a subplot in the Trump deal had argued for a single national standard to govern fuel-economy and emissions standards.” 

Fight for money

But California hasn’t budged. In fact, it has been rewarded for holding the line on its strict enforcement of auto emissions rules. “As part of its court-ordered payback for cheating on diesel vehicle emissions tests, Volkswagen might bring a heap of green – in the form of money and technology – to Sacramento,” observed the Sacramento Bee. “Under a settlement with federal officials and the California Air Resources Board, the disgraced automaker is poised to spend tens of millions of dollars promoting zero-emission vehicles in Sacramento and four other cities. In addition, Sacramento is the lead contender for Volkswagen’s first ‘Green City’ designation, which would bring the city $44 million between now and 2020 for public outreach and other programs related to zero-emission vehicles, according to a proposal Volkswagen has filed with CARB.”

Adding to the adversarial climate, automakers have grown frustrated with CARB’s unwillingness to loosen up on standards for zero-emissions vehicles despite what have become disappointingly flat sales. “With state rebates, federal tax credits and manufacturer discounts, the effective monthly payments in California for zero-emission vehicles including the Nissan Motor Co. Leaf and Ford Motor Co. Focus Electric can add up to zero – or less – a month, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers said in written comments to the California Air Resources Board,” according to Automotive News. “Yet the ZEV market share has remained at the 3 to 3.5 percent level,” the alliance said in its 80-page submission, asking the agency […] to ease up on plans to require more sales of the vehicles.”


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  1. Dawn Urbanek
    Dawn Urbanek 3 April, 2017, 05:17

    CARB is forcing already bankrupt school districts to replace all diesel buses over 14,000 lbs to be replaced with Natural Gas and Electric buses. In the bigest waste of CA taxpayer money ever. CARB is giving districts grants that cover the cost of electric of electric buses. Each Bus Costs: $372,193.32 (100% California Taxpayer dollars) + It will cost $50,000 – $80,000 in DIstrict money to build the EV charging station. California is CRAZY and abusive to its taxpayers and students.

    Total cost $1.7 million in taxpayer dollars for the Capistrano Unified School District alone and if you listen to the Board Audio you will hear Trustees admit that these buses cannot even drive across the district and back without stopping to be charged. Also – there is only ONE approved vendor- a Canadian company named Lion. This is such a waste. CUSD has facilities that have not been maintained in 15 years, We have students who do not receive district funded art, music or science. We have 33 transitional kindergartners in a class. And CUSD has wasted 3 million on Natural gas buses and now 2 on electric buses. CUSD does not evenn provide any busing unless parents pay for it.

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  2. Spurwing Plover
    Spurwing Plover 3 April, 2017, 14:32

    Liberalism and enviromentalism are two forms of stupidity broaught on by a strict vegan diet too many captian planet marathons and celebrating earthday dressed a s a tree or butterfly

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  3. Terry
    Terry 4 April, 2017, 10:18

    Anyone in business or a brain should run from the communist state of CA. If I were 20 years younger I would be gone.
    It also appears the communist state is going to be a sanctuary for every drug dealer, sex trafficker, terrorist, criminal in the world. The murdered and victimized CA citizens do not count. All the while you can bet the elite bleeding hearts have guns or armed body guards. And most have WALLS too. Imagine that.

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    • Bubba
      Bubba 6 April, 2017, 20:00

      Yes the Peoples Republic lead by likes of Moonbeam and Lt. Gov Newsome bowing to the will of crazy liberals residents of this state have voted to let hardened criminals out of jail early and on the other hand voted for a bill that requires background checks for law abiding citizens to purchase ammo for the few guns they can still “leaglly” own in this communist state

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  4. afrequentreader
    afrequentreader 4 April, 2017, 15:50

    “In addition, Sacramento is the lead contender for Volkswagen’s first ‘Green City’ designation, which would bring the city $44 million between now and 2020 for public outreach and other programs related to zero-emission vehicles, according to a proposal Volkswagen has filed with CARB.”

    More like they’ve been successful at plugging the welfare gap aka votes?

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    • Terry
      Terry 4 April, 2017, 17:05

      Interesting, since VW had to pay huge fines because of pollution tests they falsified.
      I guess you can do anything if you have enough $$$$$$ to pay your way. After all liberals love $$$$$$ especially someone else’s

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  5. Spurwing Plover
    Spurwing Plover 4 April, 2017, 16:45

    How about a California Hotair Control Board? make Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio as prime targets

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