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California Air Resources Board ratchets up emissions regulations

  Continuing a years-long push, the California Air Resources Board cracked down further on emissions, sharpening the debate over the scope of its plans. “The new rules, green-lighted [March 23] … seek to curb methane emissions at oil and gas production

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Bring Back Real Cars!

John Seiler: In the government’s obsessive project to treat us all like prison inmates, it has destroyed the great cars America once produced. Except for pollution controls — which were done stupidly anyway — all government controls on cars amount

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Who's Drinking the Budget Kool-Aid?

John Seiler: Some budget action might take place today. But who knows. Meanwhile, government apologist Peter Schrag charges that Republicans, “having swallowed Grover Norquist’s no-new-taxes Kool-Aid, and intimidated by a couple of Southern California radio talkers, would try to block

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