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CA Democrats scale back emissions bill

In a remarkable reversal, California Democrats have dropped a main provision in landmark legislation ratcheting up emissions regulations. As Republicans cheered, liberals nationwide decried the turnabout, with Golden State environmentalists blaming a sizable campaign against the bills launched by a nervous oil industry.

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CA gas spikes raise hackles

California gas prices have once again jumped out to dramatic highs, setting consumers on edge and reopening old questions about who’s to blame. Some analysts, including those at GasBuddy.com, pointed a finger at foreign wholesalers, while others, such as Trilby Lundberg, said

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Pollution increase would be ‘negligible’ from consumer-friendly move on gasoline prices 6

Editor’s note: Soon after this was posted Sunday morning, Jerry Brown took our advice — and even used the term “negligible” to describe the effects on the environment. Coincidence? Probably. But still! Oct. 7, 2012 By Chris Reed The shocking

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