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With L.A. near rioting, A.G. Holder inflames America

Surely, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder remembers the 1992 Los Angeles riots, in which 53 people were killed and more than 2,000 injured. They occurred after the cops in the Rodney King beating were found innocent. (In a double jeopardy

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L.A. Times’ Abcarian’s biased reporting on Zimmerman trial

July 15, 2013 By John Seiler Los Angeles is dealing with massive protests and possibly violence after the not guilty verdict in the murder trial of George Zimmerman. But instead of trying to calm things down, the Los Angeles Times

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When the media become the story

April 2, 2012 By Katy Grimes By now everyone in America knows the name of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year old tragically killed on February 26 by a Florida neighborhood watch captain. While the details of the case are still suspicious

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