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America becomes Stalag 13

I was watching the classic TV sitcom “Hogan’s Heroes,” about a group of American and other allied prisoners stuck in a German prisoner of war camp, Stalag 13, during World War II. The most evil of the Nazis is Gestapo

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TSA Assaults Truth-Telling Cal Pilot

John Seiler: The TSA Gestapo must have it in for Californians. I blogged earlier on how it assaulted and arrested a California woman who was a rape victim. Now, TSA goons have assaulted a California pilot for taking pictures showing

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TSA Assaults, Arrests Cal Rape Victim 0

John Seiler: Government is obsessively determined to make the Christmas holiday absolutely miserable for Americans. The latest: The TSA arrested a California rape victim who refused to be molested by TSA gropers, as she was trying to fly from Austin,

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