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Sacramento sends Brown sweeping medical pot regulations

Marking the end of one era and the start of a new one, Sacramento lawmakers sent legislation to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk that would revolutionize California’s approach to legal medical marijuana. Together, Assembly Bills 266 and 243, along with Senate Bill 643, were dubbed the

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Poll: 64% of Californians link drought to global warming

A strong majority of Californians say they support tougher limits on greenhouse gas emissions and more ambitious renewable energy goals to combat climate change, according to a statewide poll released late Wednesday. Meanwhile, nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said global

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CA budget deal reached, legislators to vote Monday

On Thursday, the California Senate Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review released an overview of the budget adopted by the Conference Committee on June 9. The Conference Committee is composed of both Senate and Assembly members, tasked with negotiating multiple

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Kashkari draws a media crowd

Neel Kashkari, Gov. Jerry Brown’s Republican challenger, has been playing a long game. That hasn’t been immediately evident from the frenetic activity surrounding his final month of campaigning. Using a string of concept-driven political stunts, ranging from free prizes to a masquerade

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Gov. Brown: To drill or not to drill?

April 8, 2013 By Katy Grimes California could become the next oil boom state. Will Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown and a Democratic supermajority in the state Legislature seize the day — and the tax revenue that would come with drilling and

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State may consider taxing services

May 22, 2012 By Dave Roberts Hold on to your wallet — Sacramento may be hatching yet another way to reach into your pocket: a state sales tax on services. Assemblywoman Alyson Huber, D-El Dorado Hills, has authored AB 1963,

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