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Initiative filing fee hike inspires wave of unconventional proposals

A tenfold increase in the initiative filing fee was supposed to reduce the number of long-shot proposals in circulation. “The updated filing fee set by this bill will deter frivolous submissions,” Assemblyman Evan Low, author the new initiative fee increase, said in a

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Sneak peek: 5 tax proposals you may see on the 2016 ballot

There has been some movement on the tax initiative front. In August, I offered the following list of the top five measures most likely to make the ballot: 1) Prop. 30 Extension, 2) Cigarette Tax, 3) Split Roll Property Tax,

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Ballot initiative filing fees set to increase

One strategy for pursuing policy changes through ballot initiatives may become victim of the new law to charge a larger fee to file an initiative for title and summary with the Attorney General’s office. The $200 filing fee, in place

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Polls: Split-roll property tax initiative faces rough road

Two polls were issued last week, and while quite different in the territory they covered, both contained one question that examined the same issue – a split-roll property tax. In one way the results on that one question were quite

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Initiative won’t bring back dead kids

It’s been 11 years since Bob Pack lost his children, Troy, 10, and Alana, 7, to a hit-and-run driver under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs. This week, the Danville dad filed a proposed ballot measure in their memory:

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More Democracy At Election Time

FEB. 2, 2011 by JOHN SEILER “All the ills of democracy can be cured by more democracy,” said Al Smith, the New York governor and presidential candidate in 1928 (pictured at right). He was the last small-government Democratic presidential candidate

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