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GOP mega-donors gather in SoCal; meet with candidates and discuss policy

Hosted by the organization bearing the Koch brothers’ name, Some 450 business leaders came together in Southern California to think through their policy priorities for 2016. At stake was nearly $890 million in funds to be allocated through the end of next year,

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Pension funds’ goal: High returns or symbolic stands?

Government pension funds around America have for years been pressured to take stands on political issues by investing or not investing in particular companies or industries. Pension fund managers bent on maximizing returns typically push back, especially in an era

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Brian Calle interviews Scott Walker

Here’s the full list of the videos of CalWatchdog.com Editor-in-Chief Brian Calle’s interviews with Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a leading Republican candidate for president. They ran individually last week. Video 1: Scott Walker on right-to-work and Obama criticism. Video 2: Scott

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Video: Scott Walker on Iran, Russia and Keystone XL

CalWatchdog.com Editor-in-Chief Brian Calle recently interviewed Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. This is Part 2, on Iran, Russia and Keystone XL. Walker is a leading potential Republican candidate for president. Part 1 is here.

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