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Democrats again outspend GOP in California primary races

  While maintaining a marked edge in legislative representation across the state, California Democrats notched a different but familiar distinction against Republicans in the 2016 election cycle, new data showed. Consistent with the results of previous races since the implementation

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CA Democrats spend $90M in same-party races

A new report tallying the costs of running against members of your own party revealed that Golden State Democrats spent big in 2016 on races without a Republican. This year, “Democrats raised or spent a total of $90.8 million on same-party

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Gov. Brown’s legacy push on climate change in trouble

It was just nine months ago that Gov. Jerry Brown basked in the spotlight at the United Nations climate change conference in Paris. The governor heard praise from officials from dozens of nations for how California has implemented AB32, the

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‘Jungle primary’ effects could doom AB32’s renewal

California’s shift to “jungle primaries” in which the top two candidates advance regardless of party hasn’t resulted in significant changes in state politics, Mother Jones reported in early 2015. A 2014 Los Angeles Times op-ed was similarly dismissive of the

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Harris campaign makes moves to reduce costs

The Senate campaign of California Attorney General Kamala Harris has displeased Democratic insiders, who worry that their leading candidate to replace Sen. Barbara Boxer hasn’t run a tight enough ship. Spokesman Nathan Click recently admitted the operation was “changing campaign

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Dems spend wildly in CA jungle primaries

In California, Democrats have shelled out big bucks to beat fellow Democrats, despite research suggesting their voters see them fairly interchangeably. In a new report issued by Forward Observer, Golden State Democrats were found to drop over $100 million since the

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