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Why pensions are going broke 0

April 13, 2012 By John Seiler Why are government pensions going broke? Wayne Lusvardi wrote about recently it in one of our Special Series on municipal bankruptcy, “California counties are more at risk of going belly up.” In one sentence,

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U.S., CA Debt Explained in 3 min.

John Seiler: The following 3 minute video explains what’s wrong with government debt. It specifically concerns the federal debt of $15.2 trillion (the number has gone up since the video). But it also applies to California’s $500 billion debt for government-worker

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Uh oh 1

John Seiler: As I keep reminding people, California isn’t the world’s “eighth largest economy,” as our politicians like to flatter us, but an integral part of the United States and its economy. And that economy, despite a minor ongoing “recovery,”

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