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PRI report examines bankruptcy as tool for struggling cities

The Pacific Research Institute has released a report that couldn't be more timely. “Going Broke One City at a Time: Municipal Bankruptcies in America” by economist Wayne H. Winegarden. buy a paper One of Winegarden's key conclusions: “If used appropriately, bankruptcy

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Picking mayors: When will L.A. voters be as smart as N.Y. voters? 8

Feb. 8, 2013 By Chris Reed Despite some pension reforms and program cuts, the city of Los Angeles remains in difficult financial shape. A Jan. 24 Fitch credit-rating service analysis says the L.A. economy is rebounding, but that city leaders

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Bankruptcy Series: What are the alternatives to bankruptcy? 27

Editor’s Note: This is the Ninth in a CalWatchDog.com Special Series of in-depth articles on municipal bankruptcy. Nov. 12, 2012 By Tori Richards It was 1975 and New York City was running out of cash. Its excessive spending and lack of financial

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Reforming Anaheim council representation 6

Sept. 10, 2012 By Michael Warnken Sept. 10, 2012 Until the public shooting of two Hispanic men by local police just a month ago, Anaheim was mostly known for the Anaheim Angels, Gene Autry and Disneyland. Today, we are well

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