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L.A. budget gets good marks, but big obstacles ahead

A few years ago, the Los Angeles city government appeared to be hurtling toward the fiscal abyss because of heavy pension costs for police and firefighters and a sluggish local economy. But a pension reform measure and a relatively tough

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Ruling on pension bonuses shows obstacles to CA reform

Providing bonus checks to government retirees when pension funds have good years has long been common and controversial around California. Now an appellate court has ruled this policy is a vested benefit that can’t be ended by formal action of

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Pension crisis divides CA Dems on UC tuition hikes

A 14-7 vote Thursday by the full University of California Board of Regents made it official: Golden State Democrats are deeply divided on tuition increases, thanks to the intractable politics of underfunded pensions. On one side are Democrats who favored the increases, including UC President Janet Napolitano,

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How rich: CTA parent group struggles with pension costs

The following news nugget almost has an Onion feel to it, it’s such a perfect commentary on the aggressively dishonest Maviglian/union narrative about pension affordability. But it’s legit. The California Teachers Association has spent years depicting complaints about the costs

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