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CalWatchdog Morning Read – November 28

Voters choose to speed up death penalty cases Pension tweaks not working Myths about homelessness Bay Area Democrat pushing for normalized relations between U.S. and Cuba Trump tweets voter fraud allegations, but no proof  Good morning! You may not have

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CalWatchdog Morning Read – November 7

Prop. 66 caps death penalty appeals at five years. What happens then? 10 things to know about the measure to legalize pot Is CAGOP losing the Vietnamese-American voting bloc?  Brown fights Prop. 53 hard, supporter cries foul What happens to AG

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CalWatchdog Morning Read – October 25

Death penalty measures revive old fight How to make money off of political web addresses Members of Congress try to block repayment of enlistment bonuses, but… They knew about it two years ago It costs a lot to keep a Republican

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Competing death-penalty measures revive old feud

SACRAMENTO – Thirty years ago, California voters did something unprecedented (and not seen since): They bounced Chief Justice Rose Bird from the supreme court. Two other state high-court justices also failed to win reconfirmation to the court, following an intense

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