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Assisted suicide gets CA start date

Beginning June 9, at least some terminally ill Californians seeking to end their own lives will be able to do just that. Because the law took effect 90 days after the Legislature adjourned, its special session pushed the start date into

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Brown signs right-to-die legislation

Falling back on personal intuition, Gov. Jerry Brown signed physician-assisted suicide into California law. The move capped a long and sometimes tortuous effort to get legislation through the state Legislature, where opponents of elective death managed to mount a successfully targeted opposition

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Dem split stalls right-to-die bill

Under pressure from powerful faith-based constituencies, Southern California Democrats serving in the Assembly have broken rank with their party and halted its so-called “right-to-die bill,” which cleared the Senate early last month. Unanticipated opposition “The state Assembly Health Committee on Tuesday postponed

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