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Sacramento’s Delusions of Grandeur 3

Sacramento officials are still actively pursuing building a downtown sports arena and entertainment facility. Despite climbing unemployment in the region, escalating business closures, widespread home foreclosures and declining tax revenue, arena talks are in full swing. City officials have cut

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Kings Wars Could Slam CA Taxpayers 3

MAY 4, 2011 By JOHN SEILER For now it looks like the Kings professional basketball team will keep dribbling in Sacramento. Just as the team seemed ready to decamp to Anaheim, Sacramento threw a three-pointer and kept the team. The

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Sacramento's Identity Crisis 1

FEB. 28, 2011 For several years Sacramento has waged a debate over whether our NBA team, The Sacramento Kings, will leave town for greener pastures and deeper pockets. As a Sacramento native, I remember very well the fanfare surrounding the

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