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Pipes: Obamacare devours itself

Sally Pipes writes today in Forbes an article titled, “The Obamacare Law Devours Itself With Exemptions Amid 5 Million (And Counting) Cancellations.” She is the president and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute, CalWatchDog.com's parent company. She has written three books on Obamacare. An

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Sally Pipes: No ‘Progress’ under Obamacare

Sally Pipes is the president and CEO of CalWatchDog.com’s parent think tank, the Pacific Research Institute. She already has written three books about Obamacare, the latest being “The Cure for Obamacare,” only a couple of months old. So she knows

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I Go on a Road Trip to Sacramento 0

MARCH 8, 2011 BY JOHN SEILER Last week I started work on CalWatchDog.com as the new managing editor, a promotion from reporter and analyst. I’ll still be doing a lot of reporting and analyzing, as well as new editing and

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