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Bill rewrites state travel policy to include sharing economy

Sacramento once again has its eye on the sharing economy. This year, state lawmakers have targeted ride-sharing companies and short-term accommodation services for more regulations that, some fear, could kill the burgeoning industry. But, at least one state lawmaker has

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CA Uber ruling prompts sharp, varied reaction

The ruling of the California Labor Commission last week that an Uber driver is an employee of the company — not a contractor — prompted national and international reaction from economists and other close observers of the growing “sharing” economy.

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Bill could halt Airbnb, vacation rentals in some CA cities

Travel has never been easier or more affordable — thanks to the proliferation of online accommodation marketplaces. Whether you’re planning a weekend trip to Napa Valley or the family’s spring getaway to Disneyland, non-traditional accommodation services, such as Airbnb, provide travelers with a range of

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