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CA eyes freeway generator technology as new energy source

  The streetwise alternative energy dreams of one California officeholder have been given a tentative green light in Sacramento. If all goes well, the Golden State could roll out a technology that would turn vehicles’ rumblings over freeways into electrical

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CA will struggle to meet key energy goal of governor

A Hoover Institution scholar continues to provide a fresh take on the state of California’s energy policies, highlighting their hidden agendas and examining their feasibility. Previously, a CalWatchdog.com story covered Carson Bruno’s research showing that the state of California has far

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CPUC's Peevey Blows Smog at Hearing

MARCH 16, 2011 By KATY GRIMES In it’s annual update to the Legislature, the California Public Utilities Commission offered plenty of good news and optimism. But what CPUC President Michael Peevey left out could have been held at another two-hour

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