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Bill rewrites state travel policy to include sharing economy

Sacramento once again has its eye on the sharing economy. This year, state lawmakers have targeted ride-sharing companies and short-term accommodation services for more regulations that, some fear, could kill the burgeoning industry. But, at least one state lawmaker has

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Road repair bill would raise transportation taxes, fees

California motorists will each be paying an extra $900 over the next five years for road maintenance if Senate Bill 16 is approved by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. But that $18.4 billion increase in transportation taxes

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Consumer Watchdog criticized for ‘misleading’ report

The shoe’s on the other foot for Consumer Watchdog (no connection to CalWatchdog.com). Routinely critical of state regulators for failing to protect consumers, the consumer advocacy group has been criticized by an independent oversight panel for presenting “incorrect” and “misleading” information to the public.

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GOP poised to reclaim 1/3 control in State Senate

In recent years, California Senate Democrats have been their own worst enemy. In 2012, the Senate Democratic Caucus ran the tables, winning every contested race. With Fran Pavley, Richard Roth and Cathleen Galgiani added to his caucus, Senate President President Pro Tem Darrell

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