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Silicon Valley fears backlash over U.S. firms’ NSA ties

Sunday’s New York Times/ProPublica blockbuster report about AT&T providing U.S. national security agencies with access to hundreds of billions of emails and other Internet communications is a nightmare for the Dallas-based multinational firm, which is sure to face new obstacles

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Silicon Valley jolts CA energy game

The sun is shining on private solar energy. Beyond federal and state efforts, California’s tech titans have upped the ante with momentous new investments that promise to revolutionize electricity production. For years, solar power has been touted by advocates as a major future source

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Obama, tech industry speak at Stanford

Speaking today at the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection at Stanford University, President Obama and tech industry leaders outlined different visions of the digital future. While the president called for cooperation between government and industry to increase the security of

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Obama heads Stanford Summit on cybersecurity

On Friday, President Obama travels to Stanford University to give the keynote address on a topic much in the news: cybersecurity. Last week, Anthem Blue Cross was hacked and data stolen. Previous data breaches have hit Target and Home Depot.

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