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CA opens Affordable Care Act door to unlawful immigrants

  State Democrats forged ahead with legislation designed to fill out Covered California’s enrollment ranks with unlawful and undocumented immigrants.  Following the state Senate, the Assembly has “passed a measure that would remove a critical barrier to Covered California and allow

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Brown prevails over legislative Democrats in budget negotiations

Notching another victory against Democrats to his left on spending, Gov. Jerry Brown rebuffed party legislators pushing him to add last-minute items to the state’s budget. “The final budget is $61 million more than Brown’s proposal in May,” the San Francisco

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SCOTUS could shake CA’s redistricting schemes

A pair of high-profile cases taken up by the Supreme Court could invalidate California’s redistricting system, scrapping citizen-led efforts to free it up from partisan wrangling. A tale of two controversies “The fate of the citizen redistricting commission hangs most directly in the

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CA legislation, lawsuits shake up immigration law

A series of political and policy moves have dramatically unsettled immigration law in California, both at the state and federal level. Legislation developed in Sacramento, in the wake of President Obama’s executive actions shielding many from deportation, would grant expansive new rights to unlawful

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