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Anti-vax referendum push falls short

The drive to restore California’s vaccination exemptions through the state referendum process has failed. At stake was Senate Bill 277, signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown on a wave of concern that “herd immunity” among California children was compromised by a growing

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Brown signs vax bill, drawing lawsuit vow

As Gov. Jerry Brown signed a tough new vaccination bill into law, its vociferous opponents — who had fought the measure tooth and nail — vowed to sue the state and rally voters against it. Senate Bill 277 “requires almost all California schoolchildren

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CA vaccination regulations gain more steam

After a fractious debate, the California Senate passed a revised draft of the controversial bill that would largely eliminate the state’s religious and personal belief exemptions for child inoculation. With the bill on a likely track for passage in the Assembly,

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CA vaccine bill placed in intensive care

Faced with an unexpected new source of opposition, California lawmakers trying to tighten up vaccine exemptions have been thrown back on the defensive. “In requiring vaccinations as a prerequisite for enrolling children in school, detractors said, the bill would legalize institutional

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Wired: Anti-vaccine parents common in Silicon Valley

The coverage of the measles outbreak in the U.S. often makes the point that opponents of compulsory vaccination for schoolchildren are split politically between affluent leftists with New Age-y views about modern medicine and conservatives who don’t like government telling

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CA stricken with vaccine controversy

As a rash of measles outbreaks raises health alarms, Californians are caught in a national crossfire of controversy over a new trend against vaccinating children. Thanks to relatively lenient laws, the Golden State has been caught flat-footed as over 100 residents have contracted the

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