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Moneymaking San Diego air show victim of budget theater

First we had sequester theater, in which the Obama administration chose to make mandatory minor cuts in the federal budget in a way that inflicted pain on the public in the belief this would help give the White House the

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Blame sequester theater, not sequester, for threat to CA beach

Sequestration theater — the Obama administration’s attempt to make a de facto freeze on overall government spending as painful and inconvenient as possible — is absolutely real. It’s not an invention of the president’s GOP critics. Just look at the

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Fracking watch: Algeria figures out what CA hasn’t

May 7, 2013 By Chris Reed Hydraulic fracturing — the use of underground water cannons to blast open access to energy reserves — has been around since the 1940s in the United States and Canada and for nearly as long

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Fracking watch: Poland figures out what CA hasn’t

May 6, 2013 By Chris Reed Last week, the state Legislature took a first step toward blocking fracking in California. An Assembly committee passed three anti-fracking measuers. The first coverage of the Assembly votes by the Ventura County Star did not note

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In coming CA fracking war, will unions be Oxy’s surprise ally?

April 21, 2013 By Chris Reed The coming battle over fracking in California is going to be a doozy. There’s too much money to be made in the “brown energy” revolution for monied interests to not pursue the reserves in

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