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Teacher tenure bill defeated in Assembly

On Thursday, the California Assembly Appropriations Committee voted to hold Assembly Bill 753, in effect killing the bill for this legislative session. AB753 is authored by Assemblyman Jose Medina, D-Riverside, and would expand the scope of the tenure system to teachers working in small

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Video: Impact of Vergara v. California on teachers unions

CalWatchdog contributor James Poulos discusses impact of Vergara v. California on teachers unions and politics in California.

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Changing CA politics: What’s the biggest potential shift?

The open-primary success of relatively moderate GOP candidates in statewide races has prompted lots of thumbsucker punditry lately. For example, Dan Walters sees Tuesday’s results as suggesting a mild GOP comeback. There’s also the evidence that the Legislature isn’t as

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Lawsuit could bring ‘social justice’ to adult-first K-12 school districts

The left in California has been slow to understand that having a state government devoted to the interests of the adult employees in public education instead of to students should be a social justice issue, given that most struggling students

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