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Bill seeks to raise state’s F grade on budget transparency

Getting detailed information about the California budget has long been a headache. The state Department of Finance provides online access to decades of information, but the portal is clumsy and difficult to use. There are no easy ways to chart

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Assembly GOP leader survives ouster bid, but other challenges expected

Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes, R-Yucca Valley, survived a bid to oust him on Monday night at a caucus of the 25 GOP Assembly members in Sacramento. Ten Republicans voted for his removal, three short of a majority. Nevertheless, anger

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How to fund infrastructure fixes: Tax hikes or rearranging spending priorities?

Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislators are pitching a transportation-tax proposal they depict as the only means to fix California’s crumbling roads, freeways and bridges. One would be hard pressed to find any policy maker in California who doesn’t bemoan

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Legislature’s top two Democrats hire former U.S. attorney general to fight Trump administration

The top two Democrats in the Legislature announced early Wednesday morning that they were hiring former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder as outside counsel in the ongoing fight with Republican President-elect Donald Trump. In a joint statement, Speaker Anthony Rendon,

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Republicans in Legislature poised to increase diversity in 2016

Buried beneath the headlines of Donald Trump’s comments of the day and the relatively new top-two primary format that weeded out Republicans from a statewide partisan race for the first time ever rests one nugget of good news for the

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