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Fresno water contamination has residents on edge

When it comes to tainted water supplies, is Fresno another Flint, Michigan? The evidence is worrisome enough that authorities in California’s fifth-largest city have brought in outside experts to take a close look while overhauling city water practices. Problems were

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Good news on several CA drought fronts

State officials measured the Sierra Nevada snowpack for the second time in 2016 on Tuesday, and once again the news was good. Capital Public Radio has the details: The latest measurement …  showed that the “snowpack is growing quite nicely.”

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‘Anti-science policies’ seen as factor in CA water crisis

Gov. Jerry Brown’s recent executive order mandating decreased water use prompted national and international attention. All coverage understandably emphasized the state’s 4-year-old drought; some linked the problem to climate change. But a California-based journalist who specializes in science reporting based

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