Senate Staff Salaries Online! 0

Anthony Pignataro: Exciting, isn’t it? Well, to us wonkish, nerdish reporters, it is. Yes, folks, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg has agreed to post a 22-page PDF spreadsheet listing the salaries of all Senate staffers, right there real prominent-like on the Senate website (see it there at the bottom?).

With this list, you can quickly find that, say, Kernan “Kip” Lipper — Steinberg’s Executive Staff Director who is so powerful that he’s often called the “41st senator” — brings in $13,764 a month.… Read more

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Make a Difference Day 0

Katy Grimes: It should warm everyone’s heart that the Senate today approved “Make a Difference Day,” a power-packed Assembly resolution that designates October 23, 2010, and every fourth Saturday of October thereafter, as “Make a Difference Day.”

The author, Assemblyman Mike Eng, D-Monterey Park, notes in the resolution, “Serious social problems and difficult economic times have created exceptional challenges for many families and our nation,” and “Through both existing organization and individual action, Californians can take an active role in America’s economic recovery and improve their fellow citizens’ lives through volunteer service.”

Not normally one to beat dead horses, should legislators sincerely desire making a difference in this state, it can easily be done by passing a @&$#%!… Read more

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Resolution on TV loudness! 0

Steven Greenhut: The Senate is now voting on Assembly Joint Resolution 43, which urges Congress and the president to pass federal legislation for “TV loudness differential” — mandating that commercials not be so much louder than the programs. Sen. Tony Strickland, R-Ventura, offered a simple solution: “Turn your TV down.” This is far too sensible for the state’s Democrats, who recognize no area of life outside their purview.… Read more

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Do high taxes cost state jobs? 5

AUGUST 30, 2010


It’s become a commonplace among many Republicans, conservatives and libertarians that California’s high-tax climate kills jobs. The jobs are either destroyed, driven to other states, or not created here in the first place.

A different view comes from some work done by the Public Policy Institute of California, a think tank that claims to have no ideological tilt yet which seems to lean to the Left.… Read more

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Iowa story sheds light on MSM 0

Steven Greenhut: When a group of black teens beats up white people while allegedly yelling, “It’s Beat Whitey Night,” one can have a fairly good idea that the beatings were racially motivated. Yet the mainstream media that covered this event, which took place last week around the Iowa State Fairgrounds, can’t quite admit that race could possibly have been involved. As the Des Moines Register put it in the lead paragraph in its news reporting of the event, “Des Moines police are trying to determine what led to a series of attacks outside the Iowa State Fairgrounds over the weekend that included the assault of two police officers.”

Either the city’s police are stunningly incompetent, or the city’s newspaper is unwilling to directly and honestly report a story for reasons of political correctness.… Read more

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Pension escape routes being cut 0

AUGUST 30, 2010

I’ve frequently argued that, as the state faces an unfunded pension liability that’s as high as $500 billion, legislators are not doing anything about a problem that is depleting public services and imposing additional debt and tax burdens on Californians.

In fact, the state’s legislators are doing something: They are making the problem worse by expanding benefits and making it harder for localities to reduce the crushing burdens imposed by these union-friendly deals.… Read more

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