Redevelopment is dead! Hooray! 0

Steven Greenhut: The governor signed the legislation killing redevelopment. What else can I say other than hasta la vista!

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Amazon Warns It Will Fire Affiliates 1

John Seiler:

Update, 6:13 pm, June 29, 2011: Gov. Jerry “Kill Businesses” Brown just signed this jobs-killing bill. It also slams Internet commerce globally, something anyone in California should oppose because of our huge Internet companies. Brown fashions himself a hip, with-it, high-tech kind of guy. He’s really a Luddite — an opponent of technological progress. Message to all California businesses: Drop dead.Read more

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Left spitting mad at Jerry Brown 0

Steven Greenhut: Maybe the old, cantankerous and unpredictable Jerry Brown is rearing his head at the state Capitol. The governor, despite being a close ally of the labor unions, actually vetoed Darrell Steinberg’s noxious SB104, which would have essentially eliminated secret elections for unions. Had the Steinberg legislation passed, farm workers would be intimidated into joining unions. The union leaders would know who they are and could apply pressure on them.… Read more

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Budget Ignores Public Employee Reform 30

JUNE 29, 2010



The state budget approved on Tuesday is the wrong way forward for the state of California. Though this budget does not rely upon new or extended general taxes, it would cut many vital services. This is neither desirable nor sustainable.

The 2011-12 budget relies upon rosy projections of future income. If these do not materialize, further cuts would come into effect.… Read more

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John Shirey Calls The Kettle Black 0

Steven Greenhut: The California Redevelopment Association’s claim that the state’s attempt to take money from redevelopment agencies is a form of “illegal extortion” is one of the most hypocritical and otherworldly statements I’ve heard in a long while. Never mind that redevelopment agencies are an arm of the state and the state can take away the money if it chooses.… Read more

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Democrats Pass Hinky Budget 1

JUNE 29, 2011


With a surprising lack of debate between parties, the California Legislature passed the budget late last evening, and only with a majority vote, attempting to close what began the year as a $26.6 billion deficit using a great deal of hope for increased state revenues.

Democrats pinned the budget’s balance on assumptions of future tax revenue estimates and projected spending levels.… Read more

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Shallow Cuts For Lifeguard Pensions 1

Katy Grimes: With the recent discovery that many Southern California lifeguards receive the same fat pensions as other “public safety” officers and fire fighters, the public outcry at the absurdity is apparently paying off.

The Newport Beach City Council is scheduled to vote on a new contract for full-time lifeguards scaling back the retirement benefits, and requiring employees to actually contribute something to the benefit.… Read more

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Brown, Leg Conjure Up Phantom Budget 2

JUNE 28, 2011


In the shadow of the 2009 tax increases set to expire this Friday July 1, Gov. Jerry Brown and the Democrat party leadership announced Monday that a majority-vote budget deal had been reached. There was no Republican involvement or support.

Based largely on the hope of $4 billion more in projected tax revenues, Brown said, “Going forward, we do expect more revenues in the budget year coming up, but in case that’s overly optimistic, we do have severe trigger cuts that will be triggered and go into effect.… Read more

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