DiFi attacks New Media journalists

September 13, 2013 - By John Seiler

Feinstein gunA year ago California voters gave Sen. Dianne Feinstein another landslide victory even though she refused to debate her opponent, Elizabeth Emken, who for once was a decent GOP candidate. DiFi must believe she’s in the House of Lords.

Now Baroness DiFi wants to define as a “journalist” only those in MainStream Media. New media would be considered peons with no First Amendment protections. Matt Drudge, the most famous and influential of the New Media Journalists, tweeted that she was a “Fascist.”

What’s so great about the MainStream Media anyway? In 2003, Judith Miller of the august New York Times, the most prestigious newspaper ever, stovepiped lies about Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” from the Republican Bush administration into the pages of her newspaper.

Then there was the infamous Pulitzer Prize that went to the MSM’s second most influential paper, the Washington Post, for a manufactured story by Janet Cooke, “Jimmy’s World,” about a supposed 8-year-old heroin addict.

Baroness DiFi’s position is especially embarrassing for Silicon Valley, whose billionaire investors mostly backed her. They’ve built the infrastructure of alternative media that, finally, take us outside the government-MainStream Media axis, and their own senator stabs them in the back! Baroness DiFi still wants to live in the Dark Ages of 1993, the year before the Web Awakening of 1994.

Journalists join government

But it is understandable why Baroness DiFi takes that view. As Breitbart reported, 15 journalists (using the Baroness DiFi definition) have joined the Obama administration.

And just last week Katy Grimes reported here on CalWatchDog.com on how more than a dozen state journalists now work for the California state government’s multitudinous departments and bureaus. Just a snippet from that article:

“Nancy Vogel, covered state government as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. She also worked at The Sacramento Bee, ‘covering various issues, including water policy, from 1990 to 2000.’ Then Vogel took a job with the Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes as a principal consultant. Her colleagues at the Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes were John Hill, formerly a reporter with The Sacramento Bee, and Mark Arax, a former reporter for the Los Angeles Times.

“Vogel now works for the Department of Water Resources as the Director of Public Affairs.”

If Baroness DiFi had her way, the government-MSM axis would be all you heard from. The truth never would get out.

But thanks tot he New Media, the truth shall set you free.

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  1. jimmydeeoc says:

    I am so sick of this self-righteous [woman]. And amazingly she’s not even the WORST Senator from this state…….Her fellow-[senator, Boxer] holds that crown.

    I thought progressives were all about youth and vitality and “new” this-and-that……then they turn around and send a 79-year old back to the Senate.


    • Rex the Wonderdog! says:

      But SHE HAS to be a senator, how else do you think she would line her hubby’s (and her own) POCKET WITH ALL THOSE NO BID GOV COTRATCS HE AND HIS COMPANIES GET AWARDED????????????????

  2. Chrisxman says:

    She does not represent California, she represents San Francisco. I grew sick of her when she was still on the city council. .

    • Rex the Wonderdog! says:

      I grew sick of her when she was still on the city council. .

      No, not true, we never grew sick of DiFi. Isn’t she the one that banned handguns in 1983 as Mayor of SF?? And at the same time blocked the SFPD Chief from giving out CCW permits?? While she was one of only nine people in the city that had a CCW??? Oh my, do as I say, not as I do.

      Having said all of that, I do like DiFi, and think on a whole she has served the state fairly well.

  3. Scott says:

    Feinstein is a hypocrite from the word go. how she got elected to the senate after being kicked out of the mayor’s office in SF is beyond me. She is a shrewd politician. She is all about control, as is the democrat party as a whole.

    The biggest reason that boxer hasn’t been replaced is that the state gop insists on running senate candidates who can most afford to buy the seat. California voters find that offensive.

  4. Barb says:

    Senator Feinstein has been holding office way too long! (Never the intention of founders!) She needs to be termed out and oh….do we ever need term limits!

    (And that goes for Senator McCain as well!)

  5. Ted Steele, CEO says:

    new media “journalists”? LMAO—– and where did you go to J school?

    everyone a star!

    • John Seiler says:

      Ted: I have written for the Orange County Register for 26 years. It’s the 18th biggest newspaper in the country.

      I never went to J school. It’s a waste of time. Neither did Mencken or Orwell. Neither did Glenn Greenwald, who has been breaking the stories on the NSA snooping on us because the MSM wouldn’t.

  6. Ted Steele DD says:

    Well there’s 3 anecdotal examples. Nice.

    J school a waste of time?

    I figured as much– blog on John!

  7. Winston says:

    DiFi like her Marxist president would prefer state controlled media

  8. SkippingDog says:

    If everyone is a journalist these days, as bloggers here and elsewhere continually try to convince us, then everyone should be treated exactly the same under the law. That would mean no shield laws for anyone, at the state or federal levels. After all, if a normal citizen has a duty to provide testimony in a trial, why should someone committing a random act of “journalism” be treated any differently under our laws?

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