Good ol' Tom

And now for another installment in our irregular look at Republicans who feed at the public employee union trough. According to this press release, the California State Sheriff’s Association has just named Senator Tom Harman (R, Huntington Beach) — and state attorney general candidate —  “Outstanding Legislator” for 2009.

“Senator Harman has been an exemplary public safety advocate, continually fighting hard to protect critical funding for law enforcement across California,” Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchins said in the release.

Harman has long been a close friend of the Sheriffs, and state law enforcement unions in general, as this rundown of a few of his Harman for Attorney General campaign contributions shows:

* California Professional Firefighters PAC – $1,500

* Calif0rnia Attorneys, Administrative Law and Hearing Officers in State Employment – $3,000

* California Correctional Peace Officers – $2,100

* Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs – $2,000

* CDF Firefighters – $1,500

And people wonder why issues like reforming state employee pensions always seem to die in the state Legislature…

-Anthony Pignataro

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  1. stevefromsacto
    stevefromsacto 15 January, 2010, 21:17

    OMG! Senator Harman actually supports law enforcement and firefighters and that’s a bad thing? I forgot the new Republican creed…keep me safe from crime and fire, but not one cent in taxes!

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