CCPOA pays pittance

A couple of weeks ago, I reported that the California Correctional Peace Officers Association has been stiffing the state for $4 million. It’s supposed to reimburse the state for the salaries and costs of its leaders, who are on the government payroll but spend their time on union business. The state has repeatedly billed the union and has been repeatedly rebuffed since 2006. The Schwarzenegger administration has threatened to sue. The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation send me the following statement last week:

“CCPOA delivered a check to CDCR Secretary Matthew Cate for $81,000 as a partial payment, and indicated more payments would follow. CDCR will still seek the full amount as specified in the Jan. 28, 2010 letter.”

That’s something, I suppose, but the administration should seek full payment immediately.

–Steven Greenhut


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  1. X-Emeritus
    X-Emeritus 15 February, 2010, 21:20

    The “State” hasn’t the “Intestinal Fortitude” to pursue the CCPOA UPL Debt.

    When will this Administration “Grow Some”!?

    A pittance is a pittance! It’s 4-Million or go back to work!

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  2. EastBayLarry
    EastBayLarry 16 February, 2010, 08:33

    The state needs to fire these union leaders. It’s a conflict of interest for them to be governemnt employees pressuring the governemnt to concede to union demands.

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  3. goldenstate
    goldenstate 16 February, 2010, 12:25

    Four million duckets is alot of money for UPL; however it appears by CCPOA not paying the UPL monies when they should have encourages the diversion from the furloughs. Two wrongs don’t make a right! Both are wrong, what union buisness have the leadership been conducting, no contract, a major factor of having a union. The furloughs are illegal against our constitution, in violation of slavery. A furlough is a day OFF with no pay, not a day at work with no pay. The UPL use appears to be abused by the officials. IS spending a weekend in Vegas UPL buisness? Have the furloughs helped the economy? NO!! BIG NO! LAO proved that by their study. Both don’t know what the hell they’re doing!!!

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  4. stevefromsacto
    stevefromsacto 19 February, 2010, 13:55

    Welcome to Larry’s World, where workers have no rights. How is it a conflict of interest for government employees who belong to a union to fight for improved wages and benefits?

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