Why biz leaders don't change politics

Given all the business talent in America, you would think we could promote some of those pros to the top political positions and let them fix everything. Indeed, in California three are running for those positions now, all claiming that, because they’re “outsiders” and “not career politicians,” they can make “big changes” and bring “business” efficiency to government.

So, why in the past have biz types fared so poorly, including the current governor, Schwarzenegger? Because, being good CEOs, they bring on board the best people to get the job done. And the first job is to get elected. So, they bring in the best political consultants. The consultants, having impressed the victorious business leader with knowledge, hard work, tactics, and loyalty, end up being hired to run the new administration.

I remember when Arnold was running back in 2003, he hired so many ex-Pete Wilson hacks I dubbed him “The Wilsonator.” They got top jobs in his new administration.

Here’s Meg Whitman’s Campaign Operations Manager, Jill Hasner:

Politically, Jillian has worked at every major campaign level…for President (Bush-Cheney ’00 and Bush-Quayle ’92), Governor (George Voinovich-Ohio; Jeb Bush-Florida); U.S. Senate (Mike Dewine-Ohio; Paul Coverdell-Georgia); U.S. Congress (Rob Portman-Ohio; Steve LaTourette-Ohio).

Here’s Jim Bognet, Steve Poizner’s campaign manager:

He became active in grassroots California Republican politics and was elected as the top vote-getter to the 53rd Assembly District Central Committee from Hermosa Beach. Jim worked in the recall campaign in 2003 and joined the Schwarzenegger Administration as Chief Deputy Special Advisor for Jobs and Economic Growth where he was a strong advocate against tax increases and for pro-growth economic policies and business attraction efforts.

Jim left the Governor’s office to serve as Policy Director for Governor Schwarzenegger’s re-election campaign in 2006. He left to join the Romney campaign at the beginning of the Governor’s second term.

And Marty Wilson, Carly Fiorina‘s campaign manager,  is described as: “a former adviser to Pete Wilson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So, even if one of these CEOs wins in November, the policies will be devised by the same old political hacks.

No wonder people don’t vote.

— John Seiler

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  1. StevefromSacto
    StevefromSacto 25 March, 2010, 15:51

    No, we need NEW political hacks.

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