Fighting Without Skin in the Game

Usually when two sides fight over a contentious issue, both have skin in the game. But when the government fights American citizens, it’s with bully tactics, intimidation, threats and not about the well-being of anyone.

Which is probably one of the biggest reasons that Americans and Californians are really angry about government health care… no one in Congress has to use it; Congress has its own Cadillac medical plan.

This demonstrates very clearly how the core issue is government expansion and control. It’s not as if congresspersons were fighting for a benefit they will use or need.

Elected politicians no longer bother trying to sell citizen representation as their cause, and instead enjoy lifestyles of the rich and famous, without having to pay for it the way the rich do.

Private jet travel, trips to far away places under the auspices of government business, rock star treatment in public, a large staff to tend to even the most basic needs, stylists, designer clothing, constant entertainment, fundraisers, television and radio appearances, and power  — and they brutally fought for government controlled health care.

Americans are incensed about being forced to buy the government’s version of medical coverage. Most working or retired Americans already pay for medical plans, as imperfect as they are. For the 12 million of actual uninsured, the government could have picked them up and provided medical care instead of furthering America’s massive debt, sending us further into socialism.

Free market health insurance reform was already on the way with the creation of Health Savings Accounts, as well as Americans demanding reform. The only thing standing in the way of reform was the government.

With no one in Congress having any skin in the game, and Democrats admitting that the purpose is the redistribution of working America’s income, the agenda is painfully evident and unambiguous.

-Katy Grimes

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