Meg's bad exemplars

Meg's bad exemplars

It’s bad enough that Meg Whitman’s campaign chairperson is Pete Wilson, whose governorship almost destroyed the state with wild tax increases. Now, her campaign is looking at two hideous politicians from elsewhere as models for her campaign: Current NY City Mayor Bloomfield, and 1960s Michigan Gov. George Romney, father of Mitt. Both were rich businessmen before they went into politics.

Bloomberg has been an utter disaster for the Big Apple. Violent crime has been rising. Reports The New York Times, “homicides are up sharply in 2010, and shootings are up, too….” That’s not surprising because Bloomberg has made NYC unlivable. He’s a fanatical tax increaser. And he’s an obsessive anti-smoker who banned smoking in NYC bars. Who can imagine NYC bars without smoking? Instead of smoking and drinking. NYC denizens are shooting one another.

Romney is an even worse example. I grew up in Michigan during the years he turned a wonderful state — and its shining industrial center, Detroit — into a burned-out hulk — literally. Romney imposed the state’s first income tax. He used the loot to go on wild spending splurges that almost tripled the state budget in 5 years, from $550 million in 1963 to $1.3 billion in 1968.

Although supposedly a big advocate of “civil rights,” Romney’s policies hurt most the blacks they were supposed to help. He continued policies that had begun before he came to office that bulldozed large areas of the city, especially black areas, to put up high-rises and expressways — with the blacks stuffed into “projects.” It was all a great liberal “anti-discrimination” experiment.

Detroiters told Romney what they really thought of him in 1967, when they rioted and burned down large sections of the city, killing 43. Detroit never recovered from the Romney Riot, its population plunging and its economy destroyed.

If Meg follows Romney, she would only bring the same to California. If that’s not convincing enough, I’m sure Meg, who’s about my age, remembers the MC5 (Motor City 5), the proto-punk rock group.

Here they are shouting their great song, “Motor City is Burning,” accompanied by pictures of the Romney Riot:

–John Seiler

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