Meg 4 VP in 12 ?

A GOP source tells me that national honchos want Meg to become California’s next governor so she can run in 2012 as Mitt Romney’s VP. After spending a couple hundred million here in Cal, enriching GOP consultants, she would spend hundreds of millions more dollars in two years on the same consultants, while bankrolling a Mitt-Meg 12 campaign.

That’s why all those national figures are coming out here to campaign for her: McCain, George “Sgt.” Shultz, Mitt.

Jeb Bush was out here too, indicating a “Jeb-Meg 12″ ticket also could be in the works. It would fit better on bumper stickers, pasted over the faded”W04” stickers I still here in Orange County.

You read it here first.

— John Seiler

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