Another reason for biz to leave Cal

Wasn’t Obamacare supposed to reduce medical costs for families and businesses? I’m sure its supporters will say we just have to wait until 2014 when it’s fully implemented — and, after that, “single payer” socialized medicine.

Meanwhile, health insurance costs are soaring for California businesses. The L.A. Times reports:

Small businesses in California are being hit this year with double-digit hikes in health insurance costs that could hurt the state’s economic recovery as companies curtail plans for hiring and expansion to pay their insurance bills.

Five major insurers in California’s small-business market are raising rates 12% to 23% for firms with fewer than 50 employees, according to a survey by The Times.

Currently, America has the worst of all worlds: A medical system with the high costs of capitalism and the inefficiencies and incompetence of socialism. At least the equipment is up-to-date, unlike Canada’s Soviet system.

Of course, rich socialized-medicine advocates like Obama, the Bushes, Schwarzenegger, the Kennedys, etc. aren’t affected, because they can jet to other countries and pay for their medical care in hard, cold renmimbi (the dollar will soon be worthless).

The rest of us will just suffer in agony and die — while we pay, pay, pay, pay, pay.

— John Seiler

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