State Employees Misuse Taxpayer Money

Katy Grimes: Say it isn’t so… some state employees abuse their public service jobs? I’m shocked.

The state Auditor Elaine Howle released another spate of reports on Tuesday that include some damning information.

Several state agencies were caught with employees abusing and stealing from the state. It turns out that management within the agencies knew of the abuse and misuse of taxpayer money. Which agencies? Corrections, Industrial Relations, Justice, CSU Northridge and CSU Channel Islands, Water Resources, Consumer Affairs, Social Services, Food and Agriculture, Highway Patrol, and the DMV.

Here are the reports:

Investigations of Improper Activities by State Employees:
Misuse of State Time and Resources, Improper Gifts, Inadequate Administrative Controls, and Other Violations of State Law
January 2009 Through December 2009
Brief ReportFull Report (PDF)Fact Sheet (PDF)


Implementation of State Auditor’s Recommendations:
Audits Released in January 2008 Through December 2009
Brief ReportFull Report (PDF)

It doesn’t appear that California has done a good job with federal Recovery Act funds: Recovery Act Programs—Interim Reports. Specifically, the California Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission: “It Is Not Fully Prepared to Award and Monitor Millions in Recovery Act Funds and Lacks Controls to Prevent Their Misuse.” Fact Sheet (PDF) Report (PDF)

and… “High-Risk Update—California’s System for Administering Federal Recovery Act Funds: State Departments Are Preparing to Administer Aspects of Recovery Act Funding, but Correction of Control Weaknesses and Prompt Federal and State Guidance Are Needed.” Fact Sheet (PDF) Highlights Summary Report (PDF)Original Report (PDF)

This needs to be exposed.

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