Expropriate PG&E

Expropriate PG&E

By John Seiler:

The Marxists have a saying, “Expropriate the expropriators.

That’s what we should do to PG&E. It’s an expropriator. It wants to expropriate your job and  mine. Because it has come out against Prop. 23, which would effectively repeal AB 32.

AB 32, of course, is the jobs-massacring bill that Gov. Arnold passed so he could inject steroids into his massive ego, and provide several chapters to his next autobiography.

The whole world is watching what California does. If voters reject Prop. 23, then, from San Diego in the South to Tahoe City in the North, an anti-jobs curtain will descend across California. No business in its right mind would move here, or stay here.

Not only because AB 32 is a jobs-killer, but because its survival would mean that the state government would be running the whole economy, socialist-style.

Well, if PG&E wants socialism, then let’s give it to them — but in the full Marxist measure of expropriation. That would mean the stockholders would get paid nothing from the expropriation. After all, they’re the ones who own the company, direct it, and advance its policies, including opposing Prop. 23.

Workers of California, unite! You have only your PG&E chains to loose.

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