Meg & Carly Sell Out

John Seiler:

Meg and Carly might be rookies at politics, but they’re fast learners. They’re already selling out the positions they took to win the primaries.

One of Meg’s primary ads featured Gov. Pete Wilson calling her “tough as nails” on immigration, while blasting opponent Steve Poizner as an open-borders guy. It turns out Wilson’s nails are made of Jell-O.  Writes Steve Harmon:

Meg Whitman could have a conservative revolt on her hands over her shifting positions on illegal immigration. Just listen in on the John and Ken show that aired earlier this week.

The two popular conservative talk show hosts, John Kobyit and Ken Chiampou, for Los Angeles radio station, KFI, were apoplectic over what they considered to be Whitman’s “pandering” to Latino voters by reversing herself on a number of issues, including workplace raids. They bashed her new Spanish-language ad, and are urging listeners on their Web site to “call Meg Whitman and tell her not to take your vote for granted and to stop pandering to the open borders crowd.”

And the Chronicle points out how she’s also selling out on AB32:

GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman just weeks ago sharply rejected AB32, the landmark greenhouse gases bill, as a “blunt instrument” and job killer that the state “simply cannot afford.” Today, her campaign says Whitman “supports the goals of AB32,” and hopes to “fix its implementation” by temporarily suspending the measure and re-assessing it.

She really is Arnold in a skirt.

And here’s AP on Carly:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina on Tuesday shifted her position on extending unemployment benefits, saying she would “probably” support the extension if she were in the Senate.

In an interview with San Francisco’s KGO-AM radio, Fiorina said she would probably break with members of her party.

Tax-funded “unemployment benefits” are bad for two reasons: They cost billions of tax dollars and so delay an economic recovery, actually making more people miserable. The money should be left with businesses and citizens to create jobs, not kill them. And a lot of people on unemployment — not all, of course, but a lot — loaf until their checks run out. I’ve known folks like that. Haven’t you?

My title is: “Meg & Carly Sell Out.” Sounds like one of those reunion films, like “Romy and Michelle’s High School Runion,” doesn’t it? Meryl Streep could play Meg, Julianne Moore play Carly, and Arnold the Terminator. Coming soon to a theatre near you.

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  1. StevefromSacto
    StevefromSacto 28 July, 2010, 14:57

    Here’s what REPUBLICAN Rep. Connie Mack had to say about immigration:
    “I do not want to live in a nation where American citizens are asked, ‘Where are your papers?’ We are better than that.”

    God Bless America. John and Ken can bite me!

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