Meg crashes on John & Ken

John Seiler:

I heard Meg Whitman’s half-hour today on John & Ken’s radio show. While it was going on, this thought ran through my mind: “How did this woman earn $1.4 billion?”

She was hesitant and unable to come up with a coherent answer to any question. I’m still not sure what her position was on immigration.

It took them a while to get her position on AB 32, which would cut greenhouse gases 25% by 2020. She finally came out and said that, right now, she probably would oppose Prop. 23, which would suspend AB 32 until unemployment dropped to 5.5%.

But she said, as governor, she would suspend AB 32 for a year, at least; the law allows the governor to suspend it for up to three years.

But suspension, even for three years, would be almost worthless for businesses. As a top businesswoman (which she never stops reminding us), she well knows that businesses plan for a lot more than three years. If AB 32 remains law, then they’ll be making three-year plans to skedaddle out of California.

She said California has to lead in creating green jobs. But as John & Ken pointed out, businesses don’t need government assistance. Rather, they need government to get out of the way.

She also talked about how she had been consulting with her Silicon Valley pals about AB 32, and they thought it was a good thing. What do her pals know? Apple’s HQ is in California, but its devices are made in China and Korea, and it just put a server farm in North Carolina.

Basically, these rich Silicon Valley liberals, including Meg, want to make California an eco-utopia for their offices and homes, but to put the “dirty” parts of their industries in other states and countries.

Which is where millions of jobs are headed.

She’s hopeless. This is the most amateurish campaign I’ve ever seen, even more than Dan Lungren’s for governor in 1998.

Her dozens of consultants obviously knew they needed to put her on John & Ken, despite the risk, to avoid them calling her chicken after Jerry Brown has been on. So they lined it up for this afternoon today, the same time a judge released his opinion in the same-sex “marriage” lawsuit, hoping most attention would be diverted from their gal.

Their ploy didn’t work. Meg’s performance was so bad she should drop out of the race.

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  1. Larry
    Larry 4 August, 2010, 23:49

    Excellent article. Jobs cannot return to CA under AB 32 and here’s another reason why.

    Watch out as AB 32’s supporters call government controls “market mechanisms” when they are actually anti-free market caps. The left is very duplicitous.

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  2. Quandry
    Quandry 5 August, 2010, 09:11

    You’re correct that eMeg’s success at eBay can be questioned. She touts the days they spent getting their infrastructure back up after a major outage, when proper planning and better managed growth (vs. greed) would have avoided it. The $1B+ decision to buy Skype was a disaster. eBay’s had major difficulties keeping their seller community happy, and has started really gouging in many pricing categories. Her expertise come from the toy business — grimy, seasonal retail — hardly a sophisticated background as we heard yesterday.

    Her only hope is to reboot, fire her idiot handlers, come clean about immigration and 23, and spend everything she’s got to gain back ground.

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  3. DavidfromLosGatos
    DavidfromLosGatos 5 August, 2010, 13:26

    I cannot vote for Whitman. And I cannot vote for Brown. I’ll probably vote for Dale Ogden, who maybe will get 1-22% of the vote because of folks like me who want to cast their vote, but simply cannot stomach Whitman or Brown.

    I do see that Brown has taken the offense on “pension reform.” that is a good strategy in view of the Bell debacle. Perhaps his union backers realize that they have maxed out at the trough??? In any event, he and/or his advisors are on the ball. Can’t say that about Meg …

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  4. stevefromsacto
    stevefromsacto 5 August, 2010, 14:12

    Isn’t any one else upset that she is trying to BUY the governorship? Or is that OK because she’s a Republican?

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  5. DavidfromLosGatos
    DavidfromLosGatos 5 August, 2010, 16:22


    Are you upset if a Democrat tries to buy some office (yes, that happens Jane Harmon down in LA comes to mind)?

    I’m a registered Libertarian, not Republican or Democrat, and it is a sad but true fact that well-funded candidates from either party for any office have a better chance to win, whether the money comes out of their own pocket, or out of the pockets of so-called “special interests,” such as labor unions, or big pharma, or whomever.

    I suppose since Whitman is spending her own money, she does not owe anyone any special favors, at least not because of campaign donations ….

    Another way to look at it is that she has already spent $100M to merely be “even” in the pols with Brown, still several months before the election, and with Brown barely having spent anything. He is keeping his powder dry while she exposes herself for what she is.

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  6. DrDP
    DrDP 5 August, 2010, 20:13

    I heard Chelene expound on Issues in CA and I have to put in with her & I am A registered Rep.
    Moonbeam/Nutmeg no real choice!
    But wat do i no?
    [email protected], as I am about my FATHER’s Business!

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  7. Ken Hunter
    Ken Hunter 6 August, 2010, 14:02

    I agree with the concerns about eMeg being a fliiper flopper and underneath it all just an elist environmentalist. While I did not vote for her in the primary and voted for Steve Poizner, I am going to vote for eMeg in November.
    While the Libertarian candidate may sound good, voting for the Libertarian as a protest aginst eMeg, will deliver no better result than providing Jerry Brown a victory. That would be much worse than eMeg.

    I believe she got a good lesson on the John and Ken Show. As a political newcomer, the learning curve is steep. While eMeg may not be everything I would hope for as a Governor, I am certainly not going to advance Brown’s odds by voting Libertarian.

    We screwed up by not getting Tom McClintock and went with the terminator.
    These celbrities and Billionaires who keep turning up is what is preventing us from getting a McClintock styled conservative as Governor.

    Hopefully, redistricting will help decrease the number of Democrats in the State legislature. Term limits is doing its part to keep the establishment of individual kingdoms in check. Now it is a matter of reducing the number of Dems.

    For now, I encourage all Repubs to move forward with Meg in November in order to keep Brown out. Meg will just have to keep learning as I think she will by similar experiences as she had with John and Ken.

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  8. Ray
    Ray 6 August, 2010, 17:18

    eMeg showed she had some cojones going on that show 2 versus 1. Most other candidates send shills when the talking heads are negative. John and Ken showed they’re in the tank for Jerry Brown. They let him come on to make a canned statement and then fluff it off with, “at least we know where he’s coming from”. They refuse to take on Jerry Brown in an aggressive interview. They betray all their fans who think they really want to control the border by acting as Spokes Holes for the Amnesty Governor wannabe Jerry Brown.

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  9. John Seiler
    John Seiler 6 August, 2010, 18:38

    Stevefromsacto wrote: “Isn’t any one else upset that she is trying to BUY the governorship? Or is that OK because she’s a Republican?”

    I might be, but she’s going to lose to your man Jerry. So she’s just wasting $200 million here, the only improvement she’s ever going to make to California’s economy.

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  10. Concerned Veterans
    Concerned Veterans 7 August, 2010, 09:49

    If you choose that Third party is who you would vote for, you must do your homework. Chelene Nightingale running for governor Constitution party is a far far extremist. You tube videos of her speaking about how our government was behind 9-11. Obama is not a citizen, the government is trying to poison us. She appears like a hack and a nutjob. Do your own research. But if you think Whitman and Brown are Bad, take a look at this woman! Will make your head spin. type in “The nativist/SPLC Chelene Nightingale” to see about her background as a radical activist. Americans Deserve better!!

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    OLDERBUE 29 September, 2010, 08:35

    There is in my cynical mind ,the idea that something of such huge reach as the John & Ken show, does not go on without tremendous effort of “Think Tanking” going on , behind the scenes. They know the value of publicity,good or bad, but more importantly the effort placed within itself to accomplish a goal. This entire series of “Chasing” the candidate has resulted in an overnight change of statistics that was created by the promotion of a non promotion and the underlying plan that what they wanted to happen..happened. Jerry Brown will be the governor of California. And the dreaded fear of this accomplished woman candidate will have been put in her place, as they had envisioned.The Governor to be, has invested well in paying for the campaign that tried to make him appear weak and unresponsive. PT Barnum.. would be proud. Now if the three ring circus that this plan has delivered is productive, we will all be grateful.. But no matter who wins the race.. None of the future ,politically, financially,spritually or pragmatically… is looking good.

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