Good News: Guv OK On Furloughs

Steven Greenhut: The state Supreme Court upheld Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s furlough program, which saved the state about $3 billion by imposing mandatory days off for state government employees. The union members wanted back pay — which would have meant a high cost to the state budget, plus they already have had the days off. Courts won’t allow the state to roll back pensions for public employees. Furloughs are one of the few ways the state can save money. Had the court ruled against taxpayers, then it would have limited the state’s ability to reduce costs. State workers are clueless about how things work in the private sector. They generally have an entitlement mentality and plenty of union money to pursue any sort of frivolous legal action their union leaders choose to pursue.

Here’s the governor’s statement:

“As Governor, I have had to make very difficult decisions in response to the world-wide economic collapse, including furloughs for state workers and line-item vetoes to balance our budget. These decisions were absolutely necessary to keep our state functioning. Today’s ruling upholds the state’s actions to protect taxpayers and ensure we live within our means, just like every California family and business must do.”

Good for the governor for taking a tough line on this issue.

OCT. 4

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