Recall Gov. Jerry Brown

John Seiler:

Let me be the first to say it: Recall Gov. Jerry Brown.

As I’ve been predicting since last spring, our next governor will be Jerry Brown. Meg’s campaign was incompetent. She’s an amateur. As are the Schwarzenegger, Pete Wilson and Romney hacks who ran her campaign in exchange for millions of her billions. To cite just one thing, she could have ridden Prop. 23 into the governor’s mansion. Instead, she opposed it, and will go down to defeat with it.

Eight years ago, Gov. Gray Davis, a Brown flunky, won a resounding re-election. Then he was recalled. OK, so it went badly when we got Der Arnold, whom I predicted at the time would be a massive disaster.

But we can do it again: Recall Gov. Jerry Brown. And this time, put the right Republican at the top of the recall roster: Tom McClintock.

At the same time, after Prop. 23 loses in two weeks, on the 2011 recall ballot we can put a new anti-AB 32 measure, this time a total repeal.

You read that here, too, folks.

After Jerry wins and Prop. 23 loses, California’s unemployment quickly will zoom up beyond 15 percent, becoming the worst in the nation. This state is going to be screaming in pain. With Meg out of the way, Der Arnold out of the picture (skiing in Gstaad) and Jerry worsening the disaster, the course of action will be clear:

Recall Jerry Brown. Replace him with McClintock. Repeal AB 32. In 2011.

Oct. 18, 2010

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