Campus Political Rally

Katy Grimes: A California State University college faculty association has organized a rally for today, encouraging urging students to vote YES on Propositions 24 and 25, and for Jerry Brown.

The rally was organized by the California Faculty Association at CSU Dominguez Hills, and is planned for today at 11:30. Students will receive free food and entertainment.

The faculty association phone message invites students to attend the get-out-the-vote rally, to “learn more about Jerry Brown” and why they should “vote YES on Props 24 and 25.”

The Dominguez Hills CFA acknowledged the rally, but gave no details and instead referred me to organizers, Political Science Professors Annie Wilson and Brenda Riddick. Dr. Wilson called back and said, “I don’t ahve anything to do with the get-out-the-vote rally. I have classes all day.” Dr. Wilson said she “always tries to encourage her students to get involved in these things,” but insisted she was not an organizer, and referred me back to the faculty association.

Calls to the Student Union confirmed that the rally was organized by the faculty association, but specifics about the rally were not available by the student union.

I asked the school about a Political Science Department meeting at which the students will be taught how to make an “informed vote,” and was referred to the department Chairman, Professor Richard Palmer. However, I did not get hear back from Dr. Palmer to my email or phone inquiries.

The Dominguez Hills California Faculty Association phone number is 310-243-2168. CSU Dominguez Hills is located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County, and currently has 12,000 students enrolled.

NOV. 1, 2010

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