Electric Car Cliche Watch!

Anthony Pignataro:

Just for fun, see how many cliches, euphemisms, idioms and just plain hackneyed catch-phrases you can find in the following press release, sent out today by the California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative in honor of their new “strategic plan,” which is endorsed by Assembly member Bonnie Lowenthal, D-Long Beach and Air Resources Board Chairman Mary Nichols!

“With an eager consumer base, ongoing technology and policy leadership, and a clean electricity grid, California is well-positioned to provide a leading example of successful plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market growth for other regions to follow. Such a transition can help bring energy security, air quality, climate change, public health, and economic benefits to California.

“PEV technology is already enhancing California’s competitiveness in the global marketplace and providing for the state’s sustainable growth in the 21st Century. The state has an opportunity to continue demonstrating cultural leadership and capitalize on the coming PEV market. It has the economic, political, social, and technological wherewithal to shape the market, affect desired outcomes, and position itself as an economic center for PEV industries.

“But developing a sustained market for PEVs in California will take concerted effort. Multiple stakeholders are already working to create a strong foundation of the PEV market. This strategic plan leverages their ongoing and extensive activities and recommends new actions that require their coordination. Their collaboration will help California Take Charge in the global transition to PEVs.”

Click here for a copy of the strategic plan in question.

DEC. 13, 2010

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