Kevin De Leon Fights Evil Unfitted Sheets!


The Legislative  Goofball of The Session Award goes to Sen. Kevin De Leon, D-Los Angeles, for his Senate Bill 432 that mandates that hotels use fitted sheets rather than unfitted sheets on mattresses. Other legislators have promoted more damaging and far-reaching bills, but De Leon’s ban on unfitted sheets and mandates for long-handled bathroom tools sets the record for utter silliness in a legislative body that already struggles to be taken seriously.

Here is the bill language: This bill would require the standards board to adopt a standard relating to housekeeping in transient lodging establishments requiring the use of fitted sheets on beds and the use of long-handled tools for cleaning bathrooms. The bill would require the division to enforce the standard in the ordinary course of its duties pursuant to existing authority. Because this bill would require the standards board to adopt a new standard, the serious violation of which would, when effective, create a new crime, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program.”

A new industry Web site,, posts this right-on explanation on its fact sheet: “Our economy is struggling. Our budget is perpetually out of balance. Schools, roads, health care and public safety suffer. And the Legislature is focused on… FITTED SHEETS?? That’s right. SB 432 (de León), would mandate that hotels use fitted sheets, not flat sheets, on all of their mattresses. Why? Good question. Studies show no safety benefits for hotel employees from using fitted vs. flat sheets. So what’s the deal? Perhaps it’s because the bill’s sponsors, the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association, want a new cause of action to sue.”

This tells you everything you need to know about Sacramento and the nuttiness in the state Capitol.

1. The state is facing serious budgetary and infrastructure problems, and yet legislators think this legislation is worthy of consideration (it passed out of committee before recess).

2. The state recognizes no limits on its power. If it can regulate the type of sheets a business puts on its beds, then what limits are left?

3. The state doesn’t mind creating new classes of criminals. The official language explains that the bill would “create a new crime.” This reminds me of the late writer Sam Francis, who coined the term “anarcho-tyranny.” The state continually creates new laws and regulations and crimes that affect law-abiding citizens, even as it fails to rein in the growing lawlessness around us. Note that police agencies in these tough budget times have been listing the many serious crimes that they will no longer pursue.

4. Laws are promoted in order to help some supposedly helpless group of people, in this case housekeepers. That is paternalistic, but it also is dishonest. The real driving force are the trial lawyers, who advocate for this law and stand to gain financially from it. This is cynical.

5. Democratic leaders have no concern for the impact of their new regulations on businesses and assume that they businesses want to hurt their workers. Legislators believe that they know more about any particular industry than the people involved in that industry. They assume business owners are evil profiteers who will willingly harm their workers to extract a few more cents out of them. They assume the regulators who enforce the laws (and receive high salaries, great pensions and many benefits unavailable to others) are selfless defenders of the public good.

This legislation is utter foolishness.  This is from De Leon’s statement:

“The California State Assembly Labor and Employment Committee … advanced Senate Bill 432 (De Leόn), a bill seeking to outlaw unsafe housekeeping practices that result in housekeepers cleaning bathroom floors on their knees for lack of mops and lifting heavy mattresses for lack of fitted sheets.

“’The hotels change their sheet inventory frequently. There will be no added expense,’ said the bill’s author Senator Kevin de Leόn (D-22). “All we ask is that when the hotels make their next purchase, half of the sheets be fitted. It is a minor action for them but a major benefit to employee health, safety, happiness and productivity.'”

De Leon is abusing poor people to advance his political career. He is harming the very businesses that hire the people he claims to help. He is undermining individual choices and freedom. He is wasting the Legislature’s time. Mostly, though, he is making a fool out of himself and a mockery of the Senate and the state.


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  1. magilv
    magilv 3 August, 2011, 09:28

    It is obvious that Sen De Leon has not changed a sheet. Fitted Sheets hurt your back as much as non fitted sheets. You have to lift the mattress even more then with flat sheets.

    I find it strange that Sen. DeLeon cares more about the workers backs, but votes AYE on SB 9 that would possibility release Juvenile Killers back into your neighborhoods. Re-victimizing the survivors of Juvenile Killers.

    Makes one wonder where their brains are!

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  2. RObert
    RObert 3 August, 2011, 10:06

    You elect these ignorant Ca. public school educated Comissars who are only qualified for driving our economy into the ditch!

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  3. Steved
    Steved 3 August, 2011, 14:14

    DeLeon is typical of many legislators in Ca. particularly from SoCal, that I am 100% convinced are more loyal to the country of Mexico than the USA. IN all likelihood, he and others get contributions from the Mexican government to promote their agenda. scholarships, free breakfast and lunch at schools, etc. This is treason and should be treated as such, but I am afraid Cal’s destiny is to resemble Mexico as time goes on. What a lovely thought!

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  4. bobaran
    bobaran 3 August, 2011, 15:20

    Not to mention the fact that if you have two unfitted sheets, you only have to lift the mattress once, tucking both in at the same time. Conversely, if the botom sheet is fitted, you still have to lift the mattress to tuck in the top sheet. Either way, you have to lift the mattress – once. The lunatics are running the asylum.

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  5. Fred Mangels
    Fred Mangels 3 August, 2011, 15:22

    Appalling legislation, but I suppose that should be no surprise in this state, especially from a Democrat.

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  6. Eric
    Eric 3 August, 2011, 17:19

    I read this and turned white as a sheet! What is this screwball socialist state coming to?!! Abortion is good. Flat hotel bedsheets are bad. War is peace. Ignorance is strength….Sheeeeeeeshhhh…..

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  7. Adelita por libertad
    Adelita por libertad 3 August, 2011, 23:52

    Robert says: “You elect these ignorant Ca. public school educated Comissars who are only qualified for driving our economy into the ditch!”

    Dear commentator Robert, Being public school educated doesn’t mean you get a lobotomy and are rid of reason and common sense. A great many people are very competent autodidacts, post high-school and college.

    About those hotel sheets, I can’t help wondering about Sen DeLeon;s pastimes? Does he suffer from some form hallucinatory affliction that makes him thrash about in beds? Or is he doing what I would imagine would dislodge all the sheets into a tangle? He seems experienced and upset about it. I can’t help presuming he spends a lot of time having wild nights in bed in hotel rooms. Interesting. Would rather read about it in the column about the stars rather than a legislator pushing a stupid law.

    Reminds me of those idiots who call 911 to protest some short-shrift perpetrated on them by a McDonald’s for running out of McNuggets, or getting their order wrong. Those idiots get arrested. This idiot gets way too much time thrashing about in hotel rooms, probably on our dime, and then get’s to push costly absurd law while Rome burns, and he won’t be arrested for it.
    En español es un pendejo, imbecil, idiota.

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  8. RObert
    RObert 5 August, 2011, 08:38

    Dah! After 40 years of high drop outs, social promotion, low achievement and test scores I stand by my assertion public school educated adults are disadvantaged!

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  9. Cliff Hall
    Cliff Hall 5 August, 2011, 12:59

    I think nothing short of an armed rebellion or the secession of the majority of counties, as proposed by Jeff Stone of Riverside County, will return sanity to those in the geographic area to be known as South California.

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  10. Paul B.
    Paul B. 16 August, 2011, 05:41

    What should be illegal is the Democrat Party, for anti-freedom anti-Americanism.

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