Chino Hills Anxious For PUC Decision

Katy Grimes: The City of Chino Hills is gearing up for the next big battle in its fight with the Public Utility Commission and Southern California Edison over the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project in Chino Hills – 200 foot electrical transmission towers that have been installed close to homes, and now next to businesses, throughout the community.

In November, after several years of legal battles with the city of Chino Hills, Southern California Edison was ordered by the CPUC to provide alternatives to their Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project located in Chino Hills. SCE has until January 10 to provide the alternatives to the CPUC.

Meanwhile, on Dec. 22, Chino Hills received word that the California Supreme Court denied the City’s petition for review of a Sept. 12 Court of Appeal’s decision in a property rights case against SCE.

Still, Hope for the Hills presses on to get the towers moved into the state park, instead of running through the city’s neighborhoods.


This is not just a case of ‘not in my backyard.’ Nowhere in the country has any utility installed 200 foot tall, 60ft wide towers, energized with multiple 500,000 volt power lines near residential communities. The monster towers are erected so close to homes, that Chino Hills residents are fearful of potential damage and health risks from the massive electricity lines.

And, there can be no doubt that property values have dropped because of the ugly monster towers looming up from behind backyard swing sets, over the tops of swimming pools, and against the rolling hills of the bedroom community.

Hope For the Hills President Bob Goodwin said today that he is anxious about the upcoming CPUC decision because it has been “eerily quiet” lately.

Goodwin also said that the CPUC recently ordered all of its commissioners to travel to Chino Hills for meetings, and to see the towers first hand. However, despite other stakeholders attending the meetings, no city representatives were included.

“Michael Peevey and Paul Clanon from the CPUC, the State Parks people, and Aerojet attorneys and representatives were there, but the City Manager said no city representatives were there,” Goodwin said. “And, there was no follow-up or debriefing with the city.”

The January 10 decision has everyone in Chino Hills holding a collective breath. But they have not been idle during the holidays. The group has sent many letters to Gov. Jerry Brown for emergency involvement, but to no avail. Residents say they are frustrated because the governor has not done a thing, other than send form letter responses to their correspondence. The most recent response letter from the governor said:

Thank you for writing to Governor Brown regarding the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project. The Governor is committed to improving California and greatly appreciates your input. Participation by the people represents an important component of our state. It is people like you, who take the time to communicate ideas and present solutions to the Governor, that contribute to the innovation for which our great state is known. 

Unfortunately, due to the many demands on the Governor’s schedule, he is unable to tour the site of the Tehachapi Project. However, we do encourage you to share your suggestions with the California Public Utilities Commission. You may contact the Commission directly at: Public Utilities Commission, 505 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102; (415) 703-2782 – Again, thank you for taking the time to write to Governor Brown. 
Constituent Affairs
Office of Governor Jerry Brown

After fighting the CPUC for several years, one resident replied, “What a crack-up! Giving us the CPUC information. What a joke. Thanks Gov. Brown. For nothing.”

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JAN. 3, 2012


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  1. AnnaL
    AnnaL 3 January, 2012, 18:36

    Another great article Katy! The community of Chino Hills really appreciates all that you’ve done to help save our families!

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  2. Debbie
    Debbie 3 January, 2012, 18:45

    Goooo Katy!!
    Once again and as always, thank you for a powerful article about our battle against the CPUC, SCE and Governor Brown.
    We’re committed to fight these towers and this project and appreciate you getting the word out, loud and clear!

    Reply this comment
  3. Irene
    Irene 3 January, 2012, 18:50

    Fabulous Katy has done it again!! You are appreciated beyond words. Thanks for keeping interested parties updated. We’re going NATIONAL! The CPUC deadline of 1/10/12 is the beginning of another process but we’re PREPARED to keep FIGHTING & NEVER GIVE UP!

    Reply this comment
  4. Naomi
    Naomi 3 January, 2012, 19:02

    Thank you Katy for your voice! We are so grateful to have you as one of our strongest advocates!

    Reply this comment
  5. Mary Cardenas
    Mary Cardenas 3 January, 2012, 19:34

    Katy, YOU ROCK! Wish we had you in the Governor’s office. Many Thanks.

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  6. Jan
    Jan 3 January, 2012, 20:30

    What a great article, Katy! The most powerful yet! Even the photos clearly and dramatically illustrates the impact the monster transmission towers have had on our community, and the lines have not even been installed! Your articles are consistently informative, factual, and to the point. Excellent reporting! And a HUGE thank you for your continued support in our fight.

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  7. Corey
    Corey 3 January, 2012, 20:44

    I do not live in Chino Hills but have been following in their fight against So Cal Edison after visiting a friend in the area and seeing the transmission towers up close and in person. Anyone that views the center photo in this article that is not immediately outraged and dumbfounded by what they are seeing, either needs glasses or is in some way connected to So Cal Edison. Technology is intended to improve quality of life, not take away from it. Causing blight, danger, and loss of property values to hundreds of people in the name of green energy should be a crime and the people responsible for the wreckless decision to install 200′ towers in an old and narrow easement should be prosecuted, at the very least for being short-sighted, stupid, and greedy! Thank you Ms. Grimes for another on-target article!

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  8. Zena Hassouna
    Zena Hassouna 3 January, 2012, 20:56

    You are awesome. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for your continued support in Chino Hill’s fight.

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  9. Chino Hills Resident
    Chino Hills Resident 3 January, 2012, 21:27

    Thank you Katy for the support! Every time I read that this is the “preferred route” I want to cry! How can anyone think forcing these Monsters through a beautiful community of people and on top of every place they do business at in their city could be considered a “preferred route”? I only hope SCE has taken a course in common sense and the CPUC will make sure they pass it! We need our lives back the way they were before SCE came through and destroyed our way of life.

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  10. Jim Case
    Jim Case 3 January, 2012, 21:49


    Most of the traditional press has positioned this fight as “NIMBY” rather than making the point, as you have done so well, that 500 KV does not belong in anybody’s back yard, given the health, safety and property issues. Thank you for your honest portrayal of the facts, rather than a preconceived notion. Everyone in Chino Hills appreciates your good work.

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  11. Aldo Casillas
    Aldo Casillas 3 January, 2012, 22:03

    Thank you Katy for bringing awareness to this huge public safety issue. SCE declares that it has the legal right to use this Right-of-Way as it sees fit, this may be true, but just because they can, doesn’t mean they should. Public Safety should always be the primary concern of any responsible utility company. We should not forget the sins that occurred in San Bruno, CA., where 8 people were killed do to the complacency, neglect and arrogance of the CPUC and PG&E.

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  12. Dhun
    Dhun 3 January, 2012, 23:31

    Once again Katy, thank you for your articulate story on the Monster Towers. You truly do care for our plight, and we all collectively have no words to express our gratitude. All I can say in return is a Big God Bless you and your family. We are desperately trying to save our community and more importantly safeguard our children’s lives from the deathly EMF, and when someone like you comes to our aid, we are just so very grateful. Keep it up Katy, and again many thanks.

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  13. Ruth Dickie
    Ruth Dickie 4 January, 2012, 02:17

    Thank you, Katy, for another great article. We appreciate you beyond measure.

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  14. Thorntons
    Thorntons 4 January, 2012, 16:54

    Great article! Thank you Katy for putting in writing what we have been feeling all along. We will keep fighting the fight! For our community, our family, our future and welfare. Thanks again.

    Reply this comment
  15. Carol
    Carol 4 January, 2012, 20:23

    Katy, you tell our story in such a poignant and insightful way! Thank you for standing beside us in the fight to protect our community. Using your talent to bring about a change for the better in our city is very much appreciated!

    Reply this comment
  16. Jackie
    Jackie 6 January, 2012, 22:39

    Thank you Katy for continuing to tell the truth! SCE needs to re-route these towers. This is absolutely NOT a nimby issue, we do NOT want anyone else to have to be faced with this same atrocity. We do not want these moved to another neighborhood, we simply want them re-routed away from homes through the state park where active towers are already in place and no one is forced to live under or around them 24/7. We are not just fighting for ourselves but for all the others that will some day be victimized by greedy corporations. Just because SCE owns the easement does not give them the right to do whatever they want to do with it. We will not give up.

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