Calif. just for rich folks now

April 28, 2012

By John Seiler

California is just for rich folks now. If you’re middle class, I suggest getting out. If you’re poor, you can get EBT cards, Section 8 housing, etc., but then you’re hooked into the government system.

Some of my previous posts on this topic raised the hackles of some readers, especially when I blamed Peter Douglas, the late head of the California Coastal Commission, for much of the attack on the middle class. He and his rich, elite buddies, such as ex-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gov. Jerry Brown, have imposed laws and regulations that keep safe their cozy arrangements and drive up the value of their property, but make California property prohibitively expensive for the rest of us, especially for families.

The problem is that free societies are based on the middle class. All societies have elites. Even the Soviet Union, advertised as a perfectly egalitarian society for “the workers,” in fact allowed the bosses to live in luxury undreamed of by Warren Buffett. Stalin and his socialist elite comrades dined on caviar and imported wines while the masses starved to death by the millions. They lived in the palaces and the dachas of the executed Tsar, while tens of millions of Russians huddled in hideous high-rises — just the blueprint the Douglas-Brown-Schwarzenegger elite has in stock for us under SB 375. Read “Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar” if you want to see how Stalin ruled, and how we will be ruled.

The Elite still can afford to live here, as shown by a flyer in my morning Orange County Register for Lambert Ranch in Irvine, “From $900,000, Nine Model Homes.” (Picture above.) A home model called “The Grove at Lambert Ranch” is advertised as “Sloping upward and gazing across Irvine. Amid stands of eucalyptus trees. 4,278 — 5,182 square feet. Up to 6 bedrooms/6.5 baths.” Today is the Grand Opening.

Only the “1 percent” — and above — can afford these kinds of digs.

I don’t begrudge rich people homes like this. If they got their money honestly, which most have, then more power to them.

But this is the only type of homes now being built in coastal California.

With no middle class, there’s no free society. There’s just an elite that pushes everybody around while doing what it wants (Douglas, Arnold, Brown, etc.), a small middle class, mostly made up of government workers, and a large proletariat that’s unorganized, repressed and can’t accumulate the capital (as in free societies) to climb into the middle class or higher.



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